Kazakhstan Visa

Citizens from the following countries may enter and leave Kazakhstan without visas until 31 December 2017 if visiting for less than 15 calendar days:
U.S.A, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Korea and Japan.

In order to travel into, or through, Kazakhstan for any reason it is necessary to apply for a Visa. There are four main kinds of Visa available - namely Tourist, Business, Private and Transit. Please select the relevant option from the left-hand menu on this page for more information on applying for these and the costs involved.

Visa application forms for Kazakhstan can be obtained online by clicking here. This form may be printed off and handwritten. Two copies of the completed form should be sent to IntoRussia along with any other required supporting documents. These vary depending on the country which you are travelling from, and which type of Visa you are applying for, so please click the relevant link on the left-hand menu for full details.

Completed Your Application?

If you are satisfied that you have completed your Kazakhstan Visa application and have enclosed all required documentation, please send this to our Visa office by Royal Mail Special Delivery or courier at the following address:

18 Norland Road
Holland Park
W11 4TR

IntoRussia is a non-governmental organisation and the services we offer include providing assistance in obtaining a visa to Russia and its neighbouring countries in a timely and efficient manner by checking documentation, ensuring paperwork is completed correctly and by delivering and collecting documents on the client's behalf. Please note that we have no direct influence on the outcome of the application nor the visa processing time. These are determined only by the Consulate Section of the Embassy and they reserve the right to delay your application or require additional documents at any time.