Russian Visa Support

Types of Russian Visas

Regardless of which type of visa you require, you can apply for Single Entry or Double Entry. Only the Business visa allows you multiple entries to the country. Please select the type of visa you require for full information on the application process:

•   Tourist Visa - for General Tourists

•   Business Visa - for Business Travellers

•   Private Visa - for Private Visitors

•   Transit Visa - for those passing through Russia on their way to other countries

The Application Process

PLEASE NOTE: From 10 December 2014 all Russian visa applications must be made in person at a visa processing centre, located in London, Edinburgh and Manchester. At the time of application, fingerprints will be taken.

Apply for IntoRussia Visa Support

To benefit from our Visa Support Service simply email our Visa Consultants at the following information:

  1. scan copy of your passport
  2. the type of visa you require
  3. dates of your travel
  4. cities to be visited
  5. your contact phone number

and we’ll take care of the rest! Or get in touch by clicking the button below:

Apply for Visa Support

Required documents:

  1. Original passport
    Must have at least 2 blank pages and valid for more than 6 months after visa expiration date
  2. Completed application form
    If you choose IntoRussia Visa Support, the application form will be filled in for you by our Visa Consultants in accordance with the Consulate standards)
  3. 1 colour passport sized photograph
    No older than 6 months. Taken against a light background (white or off-white) so that features are distinguishable and contrast against the background. High quality and with the face in focus. (70-80 % of the picture). Non-smiling. Printed on normal photographic paper (camera print). 35mm x 45mm in size
  4. Official tourist voucher & confirmation
    Included in IntoRussia Visa Support or can be arranged separately for £35
  5. 3 months bank statements showing a current balance of a minimum of £100 per day for the duration of the visit - for directors of their own companies, self-employed, working from home and unemployed applicants. Not required for students, housewives and retired applicants.
    Please note that the bank statements must be original and stamped by your bank. In case your bank does not provide stamps, they can certify it with a cover letter (each bank has a template)
  6. Additional visa support documents for non-UK passport holders
    Please check at

Official Tourist Voucher & Confirmation in 15 min!

All travellers to Russia require an Official Voucher & Confirmation or Invitation, as it is sometimes called, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Even if you have arranged your travel arrangements elsewhere, IntoRussia can offer a tourist visa voucher and invitation alone for a fee of £35. Charges for business invitations depend on duration and processing time - please check our Business Visa Section. To order an official invitation, please email a scanned copy of your passport, dates of travelling, cities to be visited and your contact phone number to We prepare a tourist invitation in 15 minutes and email it back to you.

Russian Visa Support documents

Information about the required supporting documents for different types of visas are specified on the relevant pages.

Fingerprints Collection at Your Home or Office 

Russia Visa Application Centres are proud to offer a new Portable BIO Kit service. A team of experienced officers can come to your home or office to check your visa application documents, collect your fingerprints and securely delivere this information to the Embassy for the decision. For more information about the cost and terms and condition of this service please contact us on

VIP Premium Lounge Service

The premium service lounge is now available at the visa application centre. The service includes:

No queuing
Comfort and privacy at an exclusive premium service lounge
Personalised service during the submission
Assistance with online application form
Free refreshments and snacks
Free and complimentary Russian Phrasebook
Free photocopy if required

For more information about the cost and terms and condition of this service please contact us on

Russian Registration Service

When travelling to Russia, it is important to remember that it has special Traveller Registration policies.
After you enter Russia, you must acquire Registration of Foreigners paperwork at an OVIR office (Office of Visas and Registration). Getting a Russian registration certificate within the first 7 working days of your trip to Russia is a legal requirement. If you stay less than 7 business days you do not need to register. Filling out an Immigration card at border control is not enough to register in Russia, but an OVIR's registration officer will require your Immigration card in order to register you.
Travellers who stay in hotels do not have to register because the hotel will carry out the registration process on their behalf. However any business, private or tourist traveller that is staying in private accommodation, for example within their own apartment, with friends or being hosted by business partners, must register in Russia by themselves.
The penalties for failing to obtain a Russian registration certificate include possible deportation and a visa blacklisting for future trips. Lack of Russian visa registration can also prevent you from taking part in many normal tourist activities, such as renting a car or buying a SIM card.

If you have not booked your Russian visa with us, you can still register in Russia with us by providing a copy of the first page of your passport and a copy of your Russian Visa. Send it to us via post or email before you start your trip to Russia and then follow the instructions below.

  • After passing passport control where your Immigration card will be stamped, take a photo with your mobile phone of the Immigration card and send the image via MMS or email to IntoRussia
  • IntoRussia will complete the Russian registration form for you in OVIR and send you the completed Russian registration certificate/Registration of Foreigners back via email
  • Print out the Russian registration certificate and keep it with you at all times

The cost of the service is £55. Please note that it takes up to 2-3 working days to register you.

Contact us now at +44(0)20 7603 5045 or if you have further questions regarding the Russian visa registration process.

Contact us by phone or email today with any queries, to book, or for excellent rates and service on add-ons to your trip.